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물리적 개념의 시대적 경계와 화이트헤드의 자연과학 개념에서의 경계
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물리적 개념의 시대적 경계와 A.N.Whitehead의 자연과학 개념에서의 경계  

1. 시대적 경계와 인식 경계
2. 물리학의 개념변화와 경계의 불분명성의 외적 치환
3. Whitehead의 자연개념과 경계의 불분명성의 내적인 치환
4. 내적 치환의 구조성 요구
5. 결론 : 내적 치환과 역동적 구조체

Here we considered the physical concept and the concepts of natural science of A.N. Whitehead. In that consideration, we define ontologi-cal boundary and cognitional boundary. The ontological boundary de-rived from the macroscopic world, the concept of classical boundary derived from the microscopic world, the concepts of modern physics, and the struc-ture of cognition. The concept of boundary is derived by the percep-tion and the direction of cognition.
This paper treated the "reflection","exterior reduction", and "in-terior reduction". The reflection of ontological boundary to itself oc-cur when the boundary is sharp, and the remain two of three occur when the boundary has broaden width with time and space.The boundary which has spatial and temporal width is called event. In thisarea, the reduction is made.
The Reflection : In the case of that the ontological boundary reflected in itself boundary, there is no cognitional structure and under that condition time and space will be abstract, there are only the isolated nature and the human body connected the god. The isolated nature is static and classical physics.
The Exterior Reduction : If the ontological boundary extend over the cognitional boundary and the direction of cognition direct to macroscopic world, the process is called exterior reduction. In that case some part of the cognitional structure is reflected on micro-scopic world which isone boundary and compose of the macroscopic world.
The Interior Reduction : If the cognitional boundary extend over the ontological boundary and the direction of cognition direct to cognitional structure, the process is called interior reduction. In that case all part of the cognitional structure is reflected on itself.
The reflection, exterior reduction, and interior reduction all pro-duce static structure, if we ourself are connected with the static structure, we must to consider the dynamic structure. What is that?

물리적 개념의 시대적 경계와 A.N.Whitehead의 자연과학 개념에서의 경계 (The Epochal Boundary of Physical Concept and the Conceptual Boundary of Ntural science of A.N. Whitehead) / 전병기 (현대사상연구, Vol.7 No.-, [1997])

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